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Updates/Information for Windows Mobile 2005

Listed below are interim release installers for pTravelAlarm, Phone Today and HotButton Plus.

Please note that these are for Pocket PC/Pocket PC Phone Edition with Windows Mobile 2005 only.  There are currently no WM2005 updates available for Microsoft Smartphone.

These versions solve the "largest" issues with respect to Windows Mobile 2005, involving incorrect screen layout in landscape mode.

These are not the final releases, however - testing is ongoing to determine further WM2005 specific problems.

If you are having problems uninstalling or reinstalling, please see this note.

Bug reports and/or feedback are appreciated. Please contact to report a bug or provide feedback on Windows Mobile 2005 issues.



pTravelAlarm 2.6.1 has been released. You can download the released version and the new updated beta version here

Conversions In Hand

Conversions In Hand has been released. You can download the released version here


Phone Today

Phone Today Interim Release for WM2005
(Version 1.0.13)


HotButton Plus

HotButton Plus (Version 2.1.0)


Additional Windows Mobile 2005 Notes

Upgrade/Uninstall/Reinstall Failures (see Update below)

We are currently investigating an issue where an error is received upon uninstall (or reinstall) of applications.  If you receive this error, you may work around it by using File Explorer on your Pocket PC to remove the applications install directory - for example, for Conversions In Hand you would remove \Program Files\CIH and all of its contents.

Specifically for pTravelAlarm, it may also be necessary to perform the following steps in addition to the above instructions:

  • Using File Explorer, rename the file \windows\pTAmgr.exe to something else (e.g. \windows\pTAmgr1.exe)
  • Remove the file \Windows\Startup\pTravelAlarm Start
  • reset your unit (you'll get an error at startup about a missing file)
  • remove the renamed file

Alternately, for pTravelAlarm, you can download and run the pTravelAlarm de-registration utility:

  • Download ptaUninstall.exe
  • Copy ptaUninstall.exe to your Windows Mobile device using ActiveSync
  • Using File Explorer on your device, run ptaUninstall
  • This will deregister all alarm hooks, remove executables and allow uninstall or reinstall to proceed.  Please note that you may still receive an error message upon uninstall.


This problem is confirmed to be a Windows Mobile 2005 bug.  You can read the details (including a post by a Microsoft employee) here: